Hiring a Wedding Invitation Designer

If you are like me I like to speak with the person that I am working with in person. Hiring a designer to create your wedding invitation ensemble is very personal. They have to absolutely identify with you and your ideas to develop the perfect design for your special event. Attending Bridal Fairs are one way to get an initial impression of the designers that are available in your area. You are able to see samples of their work, meet them in person, and discuss your vision. This would be a great time to set up an appointment to meet with them at their studio as many businesses offer show specials during the event.

If you are unable to meet in person with your designer you must feel confident they can provide you with an ensemble that reflects your style. Visit their website, follow them on social media, and get to know them and how they do business. Request a consultation on the telephone or through Skype and discuss what style you are looking for.

Ink & Paper offers designs of all kinds. From a simplistic design to something formal with ribbon or rhinestones, to Pocketfolds, we offer it all. Using only the highest quality paper you will know exactly what color and paper weight is being used. Beginning with the initial consultation through development you will feel in control of the process. Upon completion of the design a printed proof is provided to ensure the invitation is exactly what the bride & groom want. With Ink & Paper there will never be any surprises. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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